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Phytor Restore Stomach


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Phytor Restore Stomach is a traditional medicine formulation designed to support and optimise gastrointestinal health. Our formula consists of 5 herb extracts tested by our researchers, carefully calibrated based on scientific trials and produced under Singapore GMP conditions to deliver the highest quality and potency. Our commitment to the optimal efficacy of Phytor Restore: Stomach is focused on patients in remission and individuals who may have an identified predisposition.


Relieve Gastric Pain or Discomfort
Support Healthy Stomach Lining

Relieve Symptoms of Indigestion such as Heartburn and Bloating
Help Prevent Formation of Stomach Ulcers

Improve appetite
Reduce Fatigue


Unlike health supplements where a select few active compounds are typically isolated, Phytor medicine extracts the whole range of active compounds present in each ingredient. Our proprietary colon formulation contains active ingredients that have been extensively studied and are backed with peer reviewed evidences supporting its health benefits.

Active Ingredients That Promote Gastric Health

Clinacanthus Nutans
Strobilanthes Crispus
Elephantopus Tomentosus
Leea Indica
Persicaria Chinensis


Phytor Restore Stomach helps with alleviating unpleasant symptoms and boost the body’s natural defences against some of the more serious health issues that can arise both during treatment and in the years during remission. Phytor Restore: Stomach uses a 100% natural formula that gently soothes and addresses the root cause of gastric ailments so that you can worry less about the food you eat and keep your stomach feeling soothed and comfortable after meals.


Phytor Restore Stomach is a proprietary herb-based formulation, born of over a decade of exhaustive research, developed by our researchers and manufactured in Singapore. Each of the herbs in Phytor Restore: Breast contain in excess of 3,000 different phyto compounds. We scientifically identify, purify, and optimise these active ingredients to deliver consistent results in a convenient capsule.


It is important to us that the last Phytor capsule you take in a month is as powerful as the first. Our products are delivered in our violet-noir biophotonic protective glass jar which filters out damaging rays of the visible light spectrum and preserves the potency and quality of our capsules.


Every Phytor customer is a treasured VIP. Once we have confirmed receipt of your order, we will send you a welcome email detailing how you can access your Phytor Customer Dashboard where you can track the progress of your parcel delivery, along with details of how to get in touch with the Phytor Product Concierge Team who are on hand to offer assistance with any questions you may have. We'd love to hear from you, so do not hesitate to get in touch with your questions and feedback.


Original pack

Capsules per pack: 210 capsules
Recommended daily dose: 4-6 capsules


Not suitable for children, pregnant or breastfeeding women, and individuals with weak body constitutions. Individuals with chronic illnesses or taking prescription drugs should consult a physician before use. Discontinue use two weeks before a scheduled surgery.

  • High potency formula
  • 100% plant-based
  • Made in Singapore

Packed for a 35-day recommended dosage.

Gluten Free
Corn Free
Soy Free
Nut Free
Sesame Free
Glyphosphate Free
No Stimulants
No Binders
No Preservatives

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should take Phytor Restore Stomach?
Whether you have completed a prescribed treatment and are now in remission (Progression Free Survival) or if you have a specific predisposition, Phytor Restore: Stomach is designed to support gastrointestinal health and reduce potential side effects.
Why should I take Phytor Restore Stomach?
The proprietary combination of herbs works in synergy to reduce the potential side effects that you may be experiencing whilst supporting one's ability to stay in remission.
What does Phytor Restore Stomach do?
From a Traditional Medicine perspective, the herbs in the products support the rebalancing of the body whilst improving its immunity to combat chronic disease.
Does this product help with acid reflux or peptic ulcers?
Yes. The ingredients in this product can help to alleviate symptoms caused by high gastric acid secretion.
How is this product different from antacids?

Antacids provide temporary rapid pain relief by neutralizing excessive gastric acids.  The ingredients in Phytor Restore: Stomach help with gastric ulcer preventing or healing by enhancing secretion of the mucus from gastric glands, thereby protecting newly formed cells from irritations such as acid and peptic injury.

Can I take this product if I'm having chemotherapy?
Our product has no known disruptive interaction with chemotherapy. However, every individual experience different effects during chemotherapy and it is thus recommended that you consult with your doctor before use.
I have no health issues. Can I take this product solely for preventive care?
Yes. Our product is highly recommended for preventive use. Users taking our product for preventive care may take a reduced dose of 2 capsules a day.
When will I feel some effects?
Every patient is different and begins to experience positive results at a different rate. Our research indicates you should begin to experience reduced symptom intensity by week 4 of taking the product.
Is it okay to miss a few doses?
An occasional missed dose will not have a strong impact on the outcome of the therapy. If a dose is missed, continue with your regular dosage schedule. Do not take extra doses to make up for any missed.
Would this product help if I have a predisposition for chronic diseases associated with the Stomach?
If you are already suffering from symptoms associated with chronic disease of the Stomach or if you believe you have a family history then this product may help with the body's own immunity in managing its onset.
Should I take this with food or on an empty stomach?
Our product is best taken on a relatively empty stomach. Taking excessive amounts of alcohol or strong pain killers is not recommended as it may reduce its efficacy.
How does this product work compared to chemotherapy or radiotherapy?
This product is not a substitute for any prescribed cancer management therapy. It is designed to help with supporting the homeostatic balance of the body so that it can best fight the chronic disease.
Do I need to refrigerate this product?
As our product does not contain preservatives, it is recommended to refrigerate or store the product in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
Is Phytor Restore: Stomach compatible with my dietary restrictions?
Phytor Restore: Stomach is 100% free from all animal, dairy or known allergen ingredients.