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Every Phytor Purchase Supports the Work of the Straits Biopharma Foundation

Phytor Community

Transforming Lives in our Singaporean Community

Healthy Planet, Healthy People

Every purchase of Phytor helps to fund the Straits Biopharma Foundation’s work of providing affordable healthcare to patients in need as well as driving sustainable ventures within the communities.


Straits Biopharma Foundation is a social enterprise based in Singapore that supports different ventures designed to aid local communities whilst ensuring their own sustainability through two programs, Gardens@Straits and Healing@ Straits. The Gardens@Straits transforms all kinds of urban spaces into green healing zones designed to provide medical, physical and psychological healing, while the Healing@Straits initiative shares the benefits of our parent company’s commercial research and medical partnerships.


The Straits Biopharma Foundation channels commercial and research success of Straits Biopharma for the betterment of society. The foundation aids communities in need through herb clinics and the creation of community herb gardens in urban environments that not only improves the wellbeing of its residents but add a natural beauty to the cities.


The foundation was founded with the aim of protecting biodiversity and providing support to needy local communities who may otherwise be unable to obtain treatment due to increasingly hefty healthcare costs. Through the foundation’s efforts and the sales channeled from Phytor, we are able to scale up our efforts and uplift more communities. We warmly welcome partnerships with charities and social enterprises who share our vision in supporting chronic disease management, aiding children cancer communities, dementia societies as well as green initiatives such as sustainable landscaping and soil regeneration projects.