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Supporting The Fight Against Chronic Disease to Help You Live Better Every Day

Phytor Health

Over 10,000 Patients Successfully Treated

Phytor combines natural medicines with rigorous science to bring you a unique proprietary formulation, meticulously calibrated and manufactured under stringent Singapore standards 

Each of our curated herbs contain in excess of 3,000 active compounds. From these we have isolated specific active ingredients which deliver targeted health benefits. All Phytor products are classified as medicines by the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) in Singapore.


Phytor Restore supports patients who are in remission (progression free survival) or understand themselves to have an identified predisposition. The active compounds in Phytor’s herb formulations are exhaustively researched in a wide range of in-vivo and in-vitro studies with results published in respected peer-reviewed journals. These range from cancer cell inhibition to anti-inflammatory properties. 


Phytor Wellness targets metabolic and brain function. Each product is developed to provide that extra support you need to bring you closer to your wellness goals. Our Wellness range consists of five unique nutraceuticals, each brimming with powerful active ingredients, and each targeting an everyday ailment or health complaint.



All our formulations are classified as medicines by the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) in Singapore and are manufactured under stringent Singapore GMP conditions to an exacting level of quality. All Phytor products are optimised in terms of dosage and delivery mechanism.

Phytor is part of the Straits Biopharma group of companies. Our formulations are the culmination of years of scientific research by our partners at the world-renowned Nanyang Technological University. Phytor continues to innovate and build on our ongoing cancer and metabolic research for further breakthroughs.