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Share your appreciation of phytor products

Our Ambassador Program offers you the opportunity to have your very own home-based business. We offer a simple yet generous Ambassador Rewards Plan and business support services to those who want to help us reach more people in need of Phytor products!

No Start-up Costs

We provide everything you need to be able to share the Phytor products – from business tools to training.

Stress Free Income

No outlay, no stockholding and no sales targets. We invoice and deliver direct to your customers.

Generous Rewards Plan

Benefit through two levels of customer and Ambassador purchase activity.

Dedicated Support

Our Ambassador Advisors are on hand to support both you AND your customers.



We’ve created the Phytor Ambassador program for you if any of the following apply:

  • You would like your own Phytor business, free from risk , that will fit around your work/family commitments
  • You’re a passionate advocate for wellness
  • You love the Phytor range of products and you feel alignment with our mission to help people live their best life
  • You love talking to people and will enjoy sharing your enthusiasm for our products

How Does Our Ambassador Program Work?

Free to join

No start-up costs, no risk. All you need is an internet connection on your phone, tablet or computer.

Easy to manage

As soon as your application to join has been confirmed by Phytor, we will send you a unique link to your very own Phytor Ambassador Business Admin Center.  Here you will access your unique links and track your real-time monthly success.


A simple but generous Ambassador Rewards Plan that rewards you through two tiers of your customer and team purchase activity.


Step 1

Complete the Ambassador Application

Step 2

We will quickly review your application

Step 3

Begin sharing the unique Phytor website URL we create for you & visit the Ambassador Admin Center


A Perfect Home Business

No start-up costs, no risk. Work where and when you want to fit around other work and family commitments. A zero-stress opportunity.

Simple Rewards Plan

No complicated commissions plan – just a generous 2 tier reward structure to reward you for sharing our products and our mission with your customers.

Meaningful Products

Life-enhancing formulations developed over a decade of helping patients in need. Every Phytor product is classified as a medicine by the Singapore HSA.

Ambassador Admin Center

As a Phytor Ambassador you receive your own personal Admin Centre login. Here you can manage all your customer-facing activities. You just need an internet connection to connect.

Ambassador Training

We provide to you an ever-expanding e-library of Phytor learning videos. You can study at your own pace, at what ever time or place works best for you.

5 Star Service & Support

Our team of dedicated Ambassador Support Advisors are on hand to assist you. The Phytor Product Concierge service is also available to both you and your customers.


How does the Ambassador Program Work?

Once your application has been approved, you will be sent a login to your personal Phytor Ambassador Admin Centre. From your Admin Centre you can access your uniquely identified links to share with your customers. When they make a purchase from Phytor having used one of your links, you will qualify to receive a commission amount as detailed in the Phytor Ambassador Rewards Plan.

How do you know a Customer belongs to me?
When a customer makes their first purchase from Phytor having used one of your links, you will qualify to receive a commission amount as detailed in the Phytor Ambassador Rewards Plan. When we receive their first order, we create them a personal Phytor Customer Account, to which they have online access at any time – here they can update their contact and delivery information, view their orders and make contact with the Phytor Product Concierge. As part of each Customer’s Account data, we keep a permanent record of how they first reached us – if it was via one of your links, the customer’s future purchase activity will be attributed to you for commission purposes, as long as you maintain an active Phytor Ambassador account.

Please note, your personally introduced customer will remain your customer for the duration of your Ambassador Agreement, unless your Customer chooses to create a brand-new Customer Account by ordering through another Ambassador’s link. It is therefore, very important that you remain in regular contact with each of your customers and that you provide a friendly, personalized service to ensure they remain your loyal customer.

You will be able to track all activity attributable to you from your Phytor Affiliate Business Dashboard. Our cookies have a 15-day life cycle. If someone clicks through your links to our website, their computer receives a tracking cookie. If they purchase anything from the Phytor website in the next 15 days, we know they are your customer and the commission will be automatically attributed to you.

How do I track my customers purchases from Phytor?

When each of your personal customers places an order, it will be visible in your Ambassador Admin Centre – here you will be able to view your customers’ purchases, together with both payment and delivery statuses, as well as the commission amount due to you in accordance with the Phytor Ambassador Rewards Plan.

Do I need qualifications, or to attend an interview to become a Phytor Ambassador?

What we ask of our Phytor Ambassadors is a belief in our mission and a passion for our products If you are willing to conduct of your Phytor business activities in accordance with the Phytor Terms & Conditions together with the Ambassador Policies and Procedures, we will be delighted to consider your Application. Once onboard, you will be required to view a short series of key training videos and successfully complete a series of simple questionnaires that will confirm your understanding of the important information provided in the videos.

What happens if my personally introduced Customer becomes an Ambassador?

Don’t worry, if this happens, it’s great news for you! When your Customer registers as an Ambassador through your Phytor link/replicated website, not only will you continue to receive your Tier 1 Sharing Commission on each of their personal product orders; you will also qualify to receive a Tier 2 Bonus based on each product order placed by the Customers introduced by them!

I have introduced a Customer who has purchased Phytor products, when will I receive my commissions?

A Phytor Commission Qualification Period opens at 00:00:01 on the first day of the calendar month and closes at 24:00:00 on the last day of the calendar month (SINGAPORE TIME). Commissions are paid in arrears, approximately 10 days after the close of the Commission Qualification Period.


You will accrue any commission amounts for which you have qualified until such time as the following mandatory Commissions Pay-out Criteria have been met:

1. You have successfully completed the Phytor Introductory Study Program Questionnaires 1-5

2. You have updated your country ID, residential address and bank account information in your Phytor Ambassador Account

Once criteria 1 and 2 have been fully met, your account will be flagged by Phytor as ‘Earnings Activated’ thereby enabling us to transfer to your bank account any commissions due to you, including any accruals on you. Payment will be made on the next scheduled Commission Pay-out Due Date.